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Fragout Design Studios LLC

Fragout Design Studios LLC 7.62 Engraved Surplus Ammo Can

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Engraved Custom Army Surplus 7.62mm Ammo Cans i picked up at a local surplus store. they are used and every one is a little different with the unique dings, scratches, and smells as you will that come with picking these up from your local army surplus store. they are not brand new cans but they do the job. 

i use these for my ammo storage, never get brand new ones honestly lol that being said, these look pretty neat.

artwork wise i put into over 100 hours on that alone for this design and the design for the 762 cans. still love how they look its really neat seeing my artwork come to life. had a few extra cans at the shop so figured id make a few and toss them on here. 

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